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We understand that no two businesses are alike, each having a different structure, ethos and customer base. Therefore, your business’ English language needs will be different. Our aim is to design each programme to fulfill your exact business needs. Our trained consultant will, free of charge:

  • Assess your business requirements and time frames.
  • Assess the current English language skills levels for each colleague.
  • Design a course that meets all of these requirements using the most effective teaching methods available.
  • Arrange for the training to begin as soon as the teachers and students are together, so all your time and money is used on helping your business become more successful.

Although face-to-face teaching is the primary method, we recognise that time is a precious commodity in today’s corporate environment. Therefore, we offer a variety of teaching methods to get the most out of the training programme:

  • Classes of up to 12 students of similar abilities, either at you place of work or at our school. Although we would use materials and vocabulary related to your business, we would focus on more general topics, such as Business Writing Skills, Business Speaking Skills or General Business Communications.
  • 1 to 1 tuition or small groups where we can really focus on the exact English language demands made of your key executives. For example, finance and accountancy, investments or sales & marketing.
  • Online learning through our IH Bangkok Net Languages package for busy executives who want to learn from home or on the move. Go to IH Bangkok Net Languages Business Courses for more information about the courses available.
  • 1 to 1 tuition focusing on Business English Exam Preparation for the TOEIC or BEC qualifications. We can also assist with the English language demanded with professional qualifications such as MBA, CFA, CPA and CIMA.

Because our approach is so versatile (combining any of the above), we can design a programme for you that not only meets the English language needs of your colleagues, but also ensures that the results remain focused on your overall business objectives.

To find out more, contact us at for a meeting with one of our consultants and for your free needs assessment.

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