Private Courses and Small Groups

At IH Chiang Mai we also offer General English courses for private classes. Whether you want to study individually (1:1) or in a small group of friends, these classes offer you the highest degree of customization and individual attention.

Our courses focus on the four main language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, though of course in a private course we can adjust the balance of these areas to meet your specific aims and goals. For example, if you feel confident in your ability to write English but want to work on speaking English, a 20 hour General English course at IH Chiang Mai will give you the structure and materials you need in order to speak English accurately and confidently.

So who should take a private or small group class? We would suggest this kind of course for you (or you and your friends!) if:

  • You have special English language needs that go beyond the focus of our General English classes.
  • You want to study English but the General English class times do not fit your schedule.
  • You want to study English more quickly or at a more leisurely pace than you would in our General English classes.
  • You simply prefer to study English by yourself or with a few of your close friends


Private 1:1 and Small Closed Group Prices

We have three course lengths and two types (General English or Special Purposes)

General English Private Class Prices Per Person


English for Special Purposes Private Class Prices Per Person

*Any course focus that isn’t general English is English for Special Purposes

ACT, SAT, and IGCSE 1:1 are priced differently.

To find out how you can meet your English language goals at IH Chiang Mai, please write to us at and schedule your free assessment today.


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