Courses for Kids and Pre-Readers

Kids love to learn. And in today’s world, the sooner they start to learn English, the greater their chances of success later in life.

At IH Chiang Mai, we know how kids learn best.

Children are naturally curious. They enjoy learning new things.

At IH, we set up engaging, well-structured activities and games to make learning enjoyable and stimulating.

So your child will make great progress all while having fun, making friends and learning to love education.

International House Chiang Mai uses the Cambridge Assessment English Young Learners programme as it gives you and your children the best path to using English accurately and confidently, with clearly recorded progress on the way.

There are three levels for children to work through, StartersMovers and Flyers, with Starters being the first, aimed at young children with very basic skills.  Each level:

  • Makes readinglisteningspeaking and writing English come naturally.
  • Has an internationally recognised exam to give you and your child evidence of real progress.

To find out how IH Chiang Mai can help your child, contact us at and book your free assessment test.

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