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International House Chiang Mai is one of Asia’s finest training centres for those seeking the internationally-recognized Cambridge Assessment English CELTA or Delta qualifications. The CELTA is the world’s foremost certification for English teachers and is offered at 280 centres in over 50 countries around the world. Each year more than 10,000 trainees take the course, making it a pillar of global English language education.

The Cambridge Delta is a diploma level teacher training course and is normally taken with at least two years post-CELTA experience.

IH Chiang Mai is affiliated with the The International House World Organisation (IHWO), a leader in teacher training since the 1950s and the first institution to offer distance learning for CELTA trainees on Cambridge’s behalf. The IH global network comprises 150 schools around the world and trains more than 3,000 teachers per year on its well respected CELTA and Delta programmes.

IH is committed to improving the quality of language teaching worldwide. IH trainees not only receive the world’s leading TEFL qualifications, but also work with an international leader in ELT training.

Our CELTA course pass rates are high, reflecting the quality of instruction and the personal attention and care our trainers give to each and every trainee. If you’re going to do a TEFL certification, do it right – do a CELTA with IH Chiang Mai.

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How do I get my first TEFL qualification?

If you are new to TEFL, you need to get your initial TEFL certificate. If you are confused about the terms like TEFL/CELTA/TESOL, check out our handy explainer, but rest assured that the CELTA is the number 1 qualification because it is certified and moderated by Cambridge university.

There are many TEFL certificates available worldwide and for TEFL Thailand – we offer the original and most recognized, the Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA). This was originally developed by International House back in the 1950’s and is now the most widely known TEFL certificate, opening the door to teaching jobs in hundreds of countries around the world. For more information on the Cambridge CELTA, you can visit the Cambridge CELTA site.

According to a study in 2018, three out of four English language teaching jobs ask for the CELTA (source).

People who are new to teaching can take the CELTA, as well as those teachers, native speakers and non-native speakers, who have some experience but want the validation and professional training of an internationally recognized teaching qualification.

New teachers may also be interested in…

Our Grammar Refresher course – native speakers grow up with the language but don’t learn all the grammar rules. As a teacher, it’s important to have some understanding of how the language works so you can help students with their problems. If you are about to take the CELTA course this is also a great opportunity to meet the trainers and other trainees in a relaxed atmosphere before starting the course.

Our Introduction to Teaching Young Learners – there are a lot of jobs that involve teaching children and teenagers so we have developed a specialized 2-day course to give you the key techniques and activities to cope with teaching younger learners. This course is provided for free with our CELTA course.

How can I develop my teaching further after the CELTA?

If you’ve completed the CELTA or a similar TEFL certificate course, you may be interested in the Cambridge Delta – this is a diploma level course for teachers with at least 2 years’ classroom experience. It involves observed teaching practice as well as academic research and essay writing.

If you are not quite ready for the Delta, think about the popular IH Certificate in Advance Methodology. You can learn more about the underlying theories behind TEFL teaching and apply new ideas to your own teaching to take your classroom skills to the next level.

If you want to specialize in teaching Young Learners, build on your knowledge from the CELTA by doing the IH Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teens. This course, accredited and moderated by Cambridge Assessment, is now the leading certificate of its kind, a 2 week course with observed teaching practice with different age groups. (This course has replaced the old CELTA YL extension certificate).

Experienced non-native teachers of English who are not ready to do the CELTA may be interested in the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test course which prepares you for the TKT exam.

TEFL Thailand Course Options

IH Chiang Mai CELTA (Full-Time)

  • 4 week intensive course for new or experienced TEFL teachers needing a globally recognised qualification.
  • 120 hours including 6 hours observed teaching and 6 hours teaching practice.
  • 4 written assignments and a maintained portfolio of work.
  • Available in BangkokChiang MaiKoh Samui (Thailand), and Chengdu (China).

IH Chiang Mai CELTA (Part-Time)

  • 10 week intensive course for new or experienced TEFL teachers needing a globally recognised qualification.
  • 120 hours including 6 hours observed teaching and 6 hours teaching practice.
  • 4 written assignments and a maintained portfolio of work.
  • 100% online

IH Chiang Mai Delta (Full-Time)

  • 8 week intensive course for experienced TEFL teachers who are seeking to forge a career in TEFL and intend to progress to the top.
  • Modular format comprising:
    • Module 1 – Input sessions leading to successful completion of a written examination.
    • Module 2 – 7 written assignments, 10 hours of observed teaching practice and 10 hours of teaching observations.
    • Module 3 – An extended written assignment.

IH Chiang Mai Delta (Part-Time)

Modular format comprising:

    • 10 week Module 1 course 
    • 10 week Pre-Module 2 course
    • 15 week Module 2 course 
    • 8 week Module 3 course 

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