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CELTA Course 100% Face-to-Face or 100% Online

Trainees can take the Cambridge CELTA either 100% face-to-face, or 100% online. The online courses run similar to our normal face to face courses but organized through your computer with Zoom and Moodle (live classrooms)

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Is the CELTA right for you?

Are you:

  • A native speaker or advancd level speaker of English (C1 or higher) who is thinking about getting a first job as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language
  • A TEFL teacher with some experience but wanting some further teacher training and an internationally recognized qualification?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these, the CELTA is for you!

The CELTA was designed by International House in  the 1950’s before being taken over by Cambridge University in 1988 to moderate and certify. It has become the leading TEFL certificate in the world, asked for by 7 out of 10 English school employers worldwide

Not all TEFL certificates are created equal. As the largest Canbridge CELTA Centre in the world, we know first-hand that many schools will not hire teachers unless they have a specific TEFL certification.

Why taking CELTA?

CELTA Frequently asked questions

There’s a big difference between knowing how to do something (speak English) and being able to TEACH someone else to do the same thing. On the course, you will learn basic methodology about HOW to get your students using English better. You will learn how to develop their language SKILLS of reading, listening, speaking and writing. You will also learn techniques to help them improve their grammar and vocabulary.

Teaching is a skill like any other (for example, playing a sport or a musical instrument) – you get better by practicing and getting feedback. That’s why the teaching practice is at the heart of the CELTA course and we will help you plan lessons that engage students and help them improve their English skills.

We will focus on the “Communicative Approach” to teaching language – this involves using English for communication as much as possible in the classroom and using real world material and tasks to bring the language alive.

Because of the worldwide demand for English teachers, and the attraction of going abroad to teach, many companies have tried to cash in and offer imitation TEFL courses. However, there is a reason three out of four English teaching jobs ask for the CELTA (source).

Some of these other courses are short and do not have any actual teaching practice – while these are cheap and convenient, employers know that there is little value learning about teaching in the abstract. They want to know you have actual teaching experience and can run a class successfully. That’s why you want to take a course with observed teaching practice.

Other companies have developed courses similar in format to the CELTA, with observed teaching practice, written assignments and some kind of moderation or accreditation. You should be careful with these too and make sure they are truly respected and recognized by employers.

While the teaching practice you do will be with older teens and adults, the principles of teaching English as a foreign language are the same for all ages. That’s why good schools looking to hire teachers to teach children also ask for the CELTA.

We also offer a free 2 day Introduction to Teaching Young Learners course which gives you some extra techniques and activities for engaging kids. After gaining some experience teaching children, you might be interested to come back for our 2 week course IHCYLT course.

No, the course is designed as an Introduction to teaching English. It’s a toolkit to get you into the classroom and teaching with confidence and purpose.  But we also help more experienced teachers polish their skills and learn some new techniques. Usually our courses are about 50/50 experienced and new teachers.

We want you to get as much out of the course as possible so there is a lot of content. But we don’t expect you to learn everything about teaching in 4 weeks. We just want to see you can deliver effective classes and improve your skills gradually.

While it is a course that you can fail (another reason it is so respected by employers), the fail rate is very low, about 5% worldwide. This is even lower at our centres – we have a team of full-time experienced and dedicated trainers who know how to get everyone through the course and will give everyone the personal attention they need to succeed in the classroom.

CELTA Chiang Mai – Face to Face

In the ‘cultural capital of Thailand’, the language school and teacher training centre really is a bit special!

Training at the latest IH Thailand centre in Chiang Mai affords our CELTA trainees the unique opportunity of an out-of-town, and altogether ‘Thai’ experience.

Chosen for those of you who would like to complete the Cambridge CELTA course in the most serene surroundings, the teacher–training centre boasts all that you need to get the job done in a relaxing environment. The complex covers 2.5 acres and contains a brand new, professional training facility which has 8 large classrooms all with digital projectors and audio streaming, 2 tutorial rooms, a computer and lesson preparation room, and has wi-fi throughout. There is also modern Thai style accommodation complete with a 25 meter swimming pool, coffee shop and full service northern Thai restaurant. There is also an upstairs section and a terrace for those who would like to chat away with a view of our pond and beautiful gardens.

To complement the place of study, you need some luxury for your downtime, and on site we feel we’ve certainly made it, Thai style. This delightful, private, gorgeous, spacious, traditional northern Thai accommodation with a lovely swimming pool just below your balcony. The swimming pool is great to unwind in and for those fitness enthusiasts to exercise in. The whole accommodation complex is designed to be traditionally Thai with that overwhelming sense of calm set against a dramatic backdrop of the tropical, mountainous, beauty that Chiang Mai is rightly famed for.

After a hard day’s training, whether you’re…

  • doing laps or playing in the pool
  • lazing on a sunbed
  • watching youtube, movies, and tv shows on the smart TV

…the IH Chiang Mai Xtra package really is the most relaxing way to get your TEFL certification.


The Chiang Mai Xtra package

On the outskirts of Chiang Mai, and convenient for the international airport, the surroundings are known globally as the ‘culture-seeker’s Thai destination of choice’. Well regarded for its calming atmosphere and refreshing climate, this tranquil location really does give you that ‘get away from it all’ feel; just the tonic one would want when halfway through a Cambridge CELTA course!

What’s really different about this location is that not only do you get to train here, you get to stay here too! The private accommodation has the modern facilities you’d expect and also the exotic feel you’d want when staying in northern Thailand, Thai style. Charmingly decorated, each private, spacious, en-suite room is simply a joy to stay in. Now that’s relaxing!

The US $2,745 not only includes training and accommodation, it also includes full-board catering five days a week. Trainee teachers are thus able to take the opportunity to sample the delights of the local food (de-spiced for those that need it) on a daily basis, delivered to their door – well, to the door of the restaurant at least. And if you should get really desperate for a bit of home cooking at the weekend, then you will be glad to know that pizzas and other western favourites can really be delivered to your room by restaurants in the area. Alternatively, for those of you fully immersed in the Thai dining experience, you’ll be pleased to know the resort’s restaurant can take orders on weekends too!

Of course, you are not obligated to stay, you can do the regular course and travel in each day, but you might just end up getting a bit jealous of those that do.

  • Included
    • 27 nights accommodation from the Sunday before the course start to check out the Saturday after the course ends. Lovely private rooms with private bathrooms and air conditioning. Desk in your room for when you want to study alone.
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays at the training centre’s ‘Thai Style’ restaurant.
    • Full washing and ironing service (up to 100 items).
    • A weekly Saturday trip into the town centre, leaving in the morning and returning late afternoon/early evening.
    • A weekly Sunday activity or trip
      • 1st Sunday of the course – Trip to Central Airport Plaza (Shopping Mall)
      • 2nd Sunday of the course – Trip to Wat Chedi Luang
      • 3rd Sunday of the course – A Thai cooking class complete with recipe
    • In-room entertainment provided by a Samsung Smart TV.
    • Drinking water.
    • In-coming and room-to-room telephone calls.
    • Rooms serviced every day with once weekly changes of linen.
    • Small fridges in your rooms.
  • Not Included
    • Meals at weekends – you can order your favourite meals at the centre any time during your stay.

Facilities at Training Centre

  • Free use of the internet linked computers and the resource room from 8am until 8pm weekdays and 9am to 6pm weekends.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the school and accommodation.
  • Cafe for coffee, smoothies, and other refreshments.
  • Fully equipped classrooms.
  • Large swimming pool.
  • Massage services by booking.
  • Bicycles for rent.

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