Finding a TEFL job

Finding a TEFL Job Post-Course

Where can I get a job after completing the Cambridge CELTA TEFL course?

As some examples, teachers who go their TEFL training through our Cambridge CELTA course have gone on to work at places that include:

  • Top Thai universities such as Chulalongkorn and Mahidol
  • Thai Language schools such as Wall Street English, Modulo, New Cambridge, The Knowledge and of course International House itself!
  • Thai state schools including the elite ‘demonstration’ (“satit”) schools.
  • International schools such as Harrow and Bromsgrove.
  • Kindergartens such as ABC Pathways.
  • Schools throughout the wider Asia region including Vietnam, Myanmar, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Cambodia – IH Thailand is the biggest TEFL CELTA training centre in the world.
  • Schools in other parts of the world – CELTA is the most internationally recognized TEFL certificate and our trainees can be found in every continent on the planet (well, we’re not sure about Antarctica!)

We do not need to ‘guarantee’ a job at the end of the course because we are confident that after the course you will find your ideal job in the country and type of school of your choosing.

Why is a guaranteed job a bad thing?

Many TEFL teacher training courses offer “guaranteed jobs” on completion of their courses, which sounds reassuring for anyone taking their first steps into teaching abroad. However, what they don’t tell you is that these ‘guaranteed jobs’ are with low-paying schools that are desperate for teachers, offering very little in terms of resources and professional development, and will employ teachers without even an interview.

These positions are often filled by backpackers and transient Westerners with little in the way of teaching ability.  Jobs like these can be found aplenty on, Thailand’s main teaching job site. And although not a surprise, the turnover at these schools is high.

At IH Bangkok & Chiang Mai we know that you are better than that and deserve a teaching position that reflects the training received on the CELTA course.

With the CELTA from IH Bangkok & Chiang Mai, our graduates are able to look for the better paying jobs with more established and reputable schools, language centres and universities. Many of these schools get in touch with us looking for teachers because they understand the value of teachers being CELTA-qualified and will put any IH Thailand graduate to the top of their interview list.

These schools will pay higher than most, offer regular teaching development, provide teachers with comfortable classrooms to teach in and, importantly, arrange work visas and permits. Our contacts are not only in Thailand but also throughout the region.

How will IH Chaing Mai help me get a job after the course?

In order for you to land the teaching job of your dreams we provide a dedicated job input session on the course during which you will receive:

  • information on current job openings and schools looking to hire.
  • a comprehensive list of websites for teaching jobs in Thailand and the region.
  • an extensive list of contact details for reputable schools, language centres and universities.
  • models of typical interview questions as well as interview practice.
  • advice on CV / resume writing and one on one help crafting the perfect CV to grab the employer’s attention and make sure you secure an interview for your dream job.
  • the promise of life-time job assistance – after all it’s often through maintaining contacts with former trainees that we are able hear about job openings before anyone else!

How much can I expect to earn?

For native speaker teachers, salaries in Thailand start at about 30,000 baht (about 1000 USD) per month. Better language schools pay 40-50,000 baht. At private schools and universities you can earn over 60,000 baht. Salaries vary throughout the region. There is currently a high demand for teachers in mainland China and salaries tend to be higher there than in Thailand, for example.

So, in short, you are saying that I don’t have to worry about getting a decent job after completing the CELTA course?


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