IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology Course

All About the IH CAM Course

Do you feel your teaching has become stale? Do you feel your teaching development could do with a boost of fresh ideas and input? Are you interested in taking the Delta at some in the future? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’ then most likely the International House Certificate in Advanced Methodology is the course for you.

Described by many as the perfect bridging course between the CELTA and Delta, the IH CAM takes the course participants’ understanding of English language teaching and learning to a deeper level, exploring the myriad of ideas, theories and assumptions that underpin what we do in the classroom. The course is run over four weekends of input that acts of a springboard for you to go back to your classes with new ideas and principles to apply, to reflect on and then to evaluate.

You will find the IH CAM is more theoretical than the CELTA and other initial TEFL Certificates but the series of homework tasks allows you to link the theory to practice in your own classes.  Once you complete the IH CAM course, you may then feel that you are ready to take on the Delta!

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