Entry Requirements


IH CAM entry requirements

  • Participants are CELTA-qualified teachers with at least one year’s full-time experience (600 clock hours of teaching); OR
  • Participants have some preliminary teacher training and at least two years’ full-time experience.
  • Participants must be able and willing to complete homework tasks and research based on the classes in their regular teaching timetable, which should have a range of General English adult classes.


IH CAM Entry Procedure

Remember that acceptance on the course is subject to successfully completing the interview process. This is for you:

  1. To fully understand the demands of the course.
  2. To clear up any queries about the course, centre or any practical issues.

A second reason is that the process should afford you enough time to consider whether the IH CAM course for you, and to allow time for you to ask questions of us.

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