For students wishing to achieve entry into a university in either the U.S., Canada, and some Thai Universities, either the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) is required as proof of the student having reached an acceptable standard in a range of subjects. These include English reading and writing, maths, science and social studies.

The GED is used to show a high school (secondary school) level diploma and qualifies as such in many situations. The SAT is used to gain entrance into university.

At International House Chiang Mai we understand the importance of the SAT and GED qualifications and the challenges that they can present. After all, most of us have taken them during our own school years.

IH Chiang Mai has a long history of helping students prepare for these tests and has a high success rate. We can offer you:

  • Customized intensive courses leading up to the exam. We know the skills and language needed in order to get the score that you want and intensive courses can increase your score in a shorter time.
  • With our customized approach you focus only on what you need to improve on so you don’t waste time covering material you already know.
  • Practice tests and revision. Knowing what to expect before you take the actual exam will raise your confidence and scores.
  • Part-time courses for those with a long-term goal of attending a prestigious university in the future. If you still have a year or more before you will take the exam, we can create a long-term study plan to get you there.

To find out how IH Chiang Mai can prepare you for these exams, write us at and book a free consultation today.

Please read below to find out more information on the SAT or GED.

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